I don’t usually make this kind of things but seriously I’m done of people who know shit about Destiel to lecture me about why we believe in it or what the ship means to the story and to us.

WTF is wrong with this people, thinking they know better than the actual fans of a show and thinking they have the right to belittling you like this?

PLEASE, it’s not only about Destiel at this point. 

Let’s win this freaking  poll!!



Share any signal boosting and tell others to vote as well.

And do not let anyone to lecture you or accuse you of something you’re not doing or treat you as an inferior.

I’ve being reading this kind of shit since yesterday in the comment section of the poll. Let’s not lost our time commenting, LETS VOTE!!!!

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Misha told the Huffington Post in an interview posted March 24th that he wants to stay for season 10 but has not been approached by the show. Now is the time to support him and ask for Cas to come back next season!

Want to send a postcard to TPTB expressing your support for Castiel in season 10, but too lazy to walk to your mailbox? Us too!

Internet to the rescue! We’ve set up a group account for Cas fans to use to easily select a design and recipient and mail from the web! All you need to do is add your own personal message and donate some credits if you can! Just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Go to www.touchnote.com and click on “Sign in” in the top right corner.
  2. Enter the email address angelwarriorcastiel@gmail.com. When prompted, the password is postcards2014.
  3. Once you’re in, if you’d like to pay for the postcards you’re about to send or donate to the group (pay it forward!), click on the tab “Credits”. Do not pay with a credit card as the site may save your information to the account. Scroll to the bottom and click the small text to pay via Paypal. If you can’t afford to pay for the card yourself, that’s okay! That’s why others donate.
  4. To create your postcard, start by clicking on the tab “Postbox”.
  5. Scroll through the previously mailed cards to find a design you like, then click “Copy card”. (Alternatively, you can upload your own design by clicking “send postcards” on the home page.)
  6. Enter your own personal message expressing why you want Misha and Cas back in season 10 for as many episodes as possible! Sign with your first name, twitter handle, and tumblr url if you’d like. Keep in mind that anyone who logs in will be able to see your card in the Postbox, so we do not recommend using full names.
  7. Select from the address book the recipient(s) you want your card to go to. (Jeremy Carver & Robert Singer are the showrunners. Jim Michaels is a producer. Mark Pedowitz is president of CW. Peter Roth is chief of content at WB. Suzanne Gomez & Holy Ollis are in PR.)
  8. Check the final product and send!

This whole process should only take you a few minutes. Thanks for supporting our Angel Warrior!

Let’s do this, people.


We have no time to lose.


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Misha thanks people who came out to AMOK flash mob 2014 in Downtown Los Angeles

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I love the beginning of the introduction of countries at the olympics because it starts off with the smaller countries

you know just little groups


but then

out of nowhere 

they arrive



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By 2,000+ votes!

People, I know we are better than that!!! We can win!!!


You can vote AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE.

Just vote, refresh and vote again!!

Tell your friends so we can all vote!!


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Guinea pig armor available at ebay.

the time between “wtf are people doing with their lives” and “that is genius” is about 0.625 seconds.

Warrior Culture: Guinea Pig

Just because

this makes me happy because of reasons

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A lot just happened.

Just leave me here to die.




A lot just happened.

Just leave me here to die.

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